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OWrtmode Applet

OWrtmode Applet

Overwrite typing mode

Set typing to Overwrite

When active this applet switches Ovation Pro into 'Overwrite Typing' mode, meaning that when a character is typed into the document it will replace the next one ahead of it, that is the one in front of the caret.

It does this by simulating an overwrite, but what it is actually doing is just issuing a '{DeleteF}' macro after each character is inserted – just as if you had pressed the Delete key (to delete the character ahead of the caret).

Credits: My thanks to @nemo20000 for the icon inspiration.

Ovation Pro 2.78a or later
Extra Functions Applet version 1.06 or later
Runs on RISC OS version of Ovation Pro
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Current version: 1.00   (05-May-23)     Change log