Gavin Crawford

Ovation Pro resources

Ovation Pro is a desktop publishing system written by David Pilling that runs on the RISC OS operating system. There is also a version that runs on Windows based systems. I have used Ovation Pro many years for a large proportion of my graphic design work and book layout, including our own books, published under the Susan Crawford Vintage imprint. I've written a number of Ovation Pro applets, utilities, scripts and add-ons over the years, which can be found below, along with a tutorial on how to program using the built in Ovation Pro Script Language.


Applets — A collection of my ovation pro applets. Applets extend the functionality of Ovation Pro.

Utilities — Utilities related to Ovation Pro.

Scripts, Hints and Tips — Useful Script files for Ovation Pro, and Hints and Tips on using Ovation Pro or scripts and macros.

Script Language — Set of two articles on using the Ovation Pro Script Language, and how to write applets..