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Thank you for even reading this, it means a lot to me that you've clicked through to this page. Here's why and how you can help support my work.

I'm mainly known in the RISC OS world for being a big devotee of Ovation Pro, the desktop publishing system by David Pilling. I've used it for many years to produce thousands of professional publications, that range from small pamphlets to large 400+ page hardback books – and everything inbetween. For many years I ran a commercial printing and publishing company that was extensively RISC OS based, using many popular RISC OS programs. ‘But what has that got to do with this support page?’ I hear you cry. Well, over the years of using RISC OS, and in particular, Ovation Pro for high end print publishing, I've often devised ways to make the processes easier. Usually that would mean the creation of a ‘plug-in’ (an applet in Ovation Pro terms) to ease a particular task or add features not already present. I've created many of these applets, often constructed to full-fill a particular requirement for just a few jobs. Others have been more general to perform everyday used actions.

I always try to support the other Ovation Pro users out there and release my applets and software for others to use. This process of making an applet ‘fit’ for public release takes a surprising amount of extra effort – from writing detailed documentation to explain how it works, to carefully designing the windows, menus, layout and the whole user experience that is to be expected from a good piece of software. Even the task of ensuring that all pop-up help messages are concise and present for all aspects of the interface takes considerable time. As does continued support and development of my existing software.

I want to continue to provide my software for free and keep it accessible for all to download and use. If you like using my software and would like to give something back to show your support for the work I put in, then do please consider using one of the support options below – I'd really appreciate it. Every donation, however small, helps towards easing some the costs involved, such as website hosting. It also helps give me an extra incentive to add additional features to my existing software and create exciting new applets and programs, as well as spending time on preparing as-yet unreleased applets. Every penny I get from donations help justify my time spent and allows more to get done, without having to be pulled in other directions to pay the bills.

How to give a little love

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Thank you for reading this. All donations really make a difference, and thank you so much for your support. If you can't afford to donate right now, then that is also fine, I fully understand what it's like to be in that position, but if you like my stuff, do consider dropping me a message to say so – that in itself can often be what a developer needs to boost his day, as it's nice to know that others find my work useful.