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Extra Functions Applet

Extra Functions Applet

A library of functions for Ovation Pro applets and scripts

This applet provides a collection of additional functions for use with Ovation Pro in its script language.

I created this library to form a collection / repository of useful functions that can be used by other applets and scripts. It contains a number of functions that I've found a regular need for in my own applets. By gathering them together into one applet, the aim is to remove the need for the same functional code to be included in multiple applets, thereby reducing the overheads and loading time of Ovation Pro.

All of my own applets require this applet to be installed for them to work.

Please note: There was an error in version 1.06, so if you have downloaded that version do please update to 1.07 (or above).

Ovation Pro 2.78a or later
Runs on RISC OS version of Ovation Pro
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Current version: 1.07   (11-Aug-23)     Change log