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AlphaSort Applet

AlphaSort Applet

The AlphaSort applet sorts lines of text into alphabetical order, either in ascending order (A-Z) or in descending order (Z-A).

How to Use

Select the lines of text to be sorted and choose the required sort type menu entry, either Sort ascending (A-Z) or Sort descending (Z-A) from the AlphaSort menu.

A Button Bar Macro can also be activated to access the sorting options without opening the menus.


AlphaSort is designed to sort short lists of paragraphs, i.e. each line should be separated by a RETURN key press to produce a new paragraph, and not SHIFT+RETURN, which creates a new line, where both lines are part of the same paragraph. The maximum length of any one paragraph that AlphaSort can handle is around 1000 characters.

It should be noted that any formatting or styles applied to the text will be lost once the text is sorted.

At the present time AlphaSort sorts the paragraphs using a standard string comparison method that uses the ASCII values of the characters to create a value to the string. This means upper case characters will be taken as a lower value than the lower case version of the same character. So for example the word "Bob" would be placed before the word "bob" when sorted in ascending order.

Runs on RISC OS version of Ovation Pro
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Current version: 1.01   (02-Apr-23)     Change log