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Ovation Pro Script Language StrongHelp Manual

Ovation Pro Script Language StrongHelp Manual

Script Language Manual in StrongHelp format

A StrongHelp manual providing descriptions to the resident functions of the script language that is integrated in Ovation Pro.

The integrated script language in Ovation Pro is based on a simple subset of the C programming language. This conversion of the Script Language Reference Guide into the StrongHelp format is to aid the programmer when writing scripts or Applets, as it allows easy look-up of the resident functions from supporting text editors, such as StrongED or Zap.

The Script Language offers the possibility to add many useful features to Ovation Pro, from a simple script to perhaps perform some basic text processing, to complex applets that extend the workings of Ovation Pro. If you want to learn more about the Script Language and writing Ovation Pro Applets then visit my Ovation Pro Script Language page. My available applets are on my Applets page.

Please Note: This currently only lists the functions in the RISC OS version. A future edition will also cover the functions from the Windows version of Ovation Pro

Currently RISC OS version functions only
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Current version: 1.08   (29-Nov-20)